5 Reasons to have a Lockdown Wedding…


5 Reasons to have a Lockdown Wedding


The moment you got engaged (or maybe even before!}, you began to plan your big day. You’d carefully chosen your venue and the season you wanted to get married in. You had contacted all the vendors that were going to ensure the day was carefully tailored to your needs. Family and friends had been asked to ‘save the date’ and the day that you had been longing for was getting closer and closer. Finally, it was 2020, the year you would remember forever as the year you got married. Just as you were finalising the details and sending out the invitations, Covid-19 struck… Suddenly everything changed and all certainty was gone. Plans were cancelled or postponed. Priorities changed and instead of thinking about the final details of your wedding you were worrying about keeping you and those you love, safe. Weddings were put on hold, that is until Lockdown weddings became a possibility.

For three months or more we have all been in lockdown and the world is now a very different place. Things will be done differently for quite a while and that includes getting married. As we gingerly come out of lockdown, weddings are allowed to go ahead again, albeit in a much smaller way. Currently, weddings are allowed to take place with 10 people present.

For couples that had planned a big wedding with all their family and friends, this is not possible at present, or for the foreseeable future as things stand.

However, if you want to get married now and have your big celebration later then why not just do it?

5 Reasons to have a Lockdown Wedding…

  1. You can get married sooner and stop waiting for everything to be ‘just perfect’ because no one knows when ‘just perfect’ will be nowadays.
  2. It’s easier! No lengthy guest list to ponder over, trying to decide who to seat next to Uncle Bob and his inappropriate stories.
  3. You can still have a big celebration at a later date when things have returned to some kind of normality. You can wear the dress, have a vow renewal or handfasting ceremony or just party with family and friends.
  4. It will be a totally unique wedding, made even more special because only the people closest to you will be in attendance to witness your special day.
  5. If you’ve been living apart for religious reasons and waiting for the day you can move in together, then having an intimate, romantic ceremony is the perfect way to start.


Ideal Venue

The ideal venue for an intimate wedding ceremony is Hillmount House, near Larne in County Antrim. This privately-owned Georgian house and grounds are the perfect place to get married. Beautiful gardens, sweeping meadow and apple orchard make a stunning backdrop for your ceremony. HIllmount House is offering special Intimate Lockdown Wedding Packages and as part of the package, I will be your personal photographer, capturing the moments you want to look back on with special memories of your day.

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Delay the Celebration!

You can still have your ‘Special Day’ with only your very nearest and dearest present and have your ‘Big Day’ at a later date when social distancing regulations have been relaxed to allow us to mix more freely again.

If you’re worried that your guests will miss out on seeing you in your wedding dress and hear you say your vows, a great option is to have a vow renewal or a handfasting ceremony where some of your closest friends and family can participate. You can make it as personal or as fun as you like and it adds an element to your wedding celebration which makes it uniquely yours.

Smaller, more intimate weddings were becoming an increasing trend even before Lockdown. Spending time with those we are close to is more important now than ever and what better way to spend your wedding day than to spend quality time with an intimate group of your very own special guests.

When the time comes to finally celebrate with your wider circle of family and friends, you will be able to relax and really enjoy the day, knowing that no matter what, you’re married to the one you love, let the celebrations begin!