Meet Tracy...

Hi there, I'm Tracy, wedding and lifestyle photographer. I'm based in Northern Ireland, famous for it's beautiful coastal scenery and historic buildings, some of which has been showcased in the internationally famed Game of Thrones series.
I'm married to Gary, lover of craft beer (I prefer craft gin personally...) and skiing. We live with our three adopted Springer Spaniels and are also keen Game of Thrones fans.

We're well travelled and there's nothing like experiencing the thrill of new cultures, sights, smells and tastes in a place we haven't been to before either at home or abroad. I love to look back on all our adventures by getting out our treasured photo albums, of which we have many!

When l'm not in my happy place behind the camera I can be found scouting new photoshoot locations with my little tribe or planning our next trip abroad.

A little more about what I can do for you...

and why it means so much...

Wedding Photography

So, you’re ready to take the next step…you’re getting married! Congratulations! You’ve set the date, carefully chosen to suit as many of your tribe as possible. You’ve chosen the perfect venue and the florist who is going to create ‘wow’ bouquets and set your scene. However, you are not looking forward to the photo session because you’re a bit camera shy and hide from the camera at every opportunity. You know it’s a necessary evil but the last thing you want is to pose awkwardly while all your guests look on. I get it, this was totally us too! Looking super awkward in our wedding photos because back then, we didn’t know what to do either! We’ve all seen those images on social media where couples look totally natural and loved up or simply just being themselves. I can tell you that these are maybe not ‘posed ‘in the traditional sense but are ‘directed’ in a certain way. This is how I work. I’ll give you little prompts to get natural reactions from you both while I get to capture those little moments of love and happiness. You’ll have gathered that my photography style is a mix of fun, enthusiasm, encouragement and documentary fly on the wall. 

We’ll be a great fit if you love natural images filled with emotion and connection to you and yours. If you value printed images and can’t help but glance at your Grandparents wedding photo on the wall of their living room at every visit…  you know the one? It’s watched over them since they got married. It’s seen them raise their family, been there through the ups and downs and has been on the wall of every house they’ve lived in. It’s probably one of their most treasured possessions and is truly valued by the whole family.


Portrait Photography 

A little off topic but stay with me…

Remember vinyl records? They’re making a comeback. Why is this when we can download any music at any time straight onto our phones? I’ll tell you why, it’s because of the connection it gives listeners to their music. The sound, the look and feel of the album sleeve. The imagery and the ritual of placing that little needle onto the record to release the magic.

It’s the same for photography. We all have snaps on our phones which will never see the light of day. They may get accidentally deleted and are lost forever. Printed images mean so much. They give a sense of togetherness and family belonging. Long gone are the images we cringe at of awkward static poses and fake smiles. It’s all about the natural interactions between you and yours that tell it how it is. Leafing through your printed images, touching the pages, studying your photographs and the people in them transport you back to that time and that place. Digital images will never replace the feeling of physical images and the legacy they leave for others. So come on! Treat yourselves! invest in a beautiful album, and let your images be seen the way they were mean’t to be seen.

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