About You - Engagement Sessions

Congratulations! You’ve found your life partner...

These sessions are perfect to help me know get to know you as a couple. How you met, what you like to do in your spare time and how you interact with each other.
How do you feel about being in front of the camera? Most people feel a bit uncomfortable, don't worry, there will be no awkward posing or cheesy grins required. You will be a able to get to know me as a photographer and how I work. This session also helps you feel more relaxed in front of the camera so that you interact naturally with each other and I get to capture those in-between moments. It’ll be fun!

When should we have our engagement session?
I like to shoot when the light is most flattering so usually in the early morning and in late afternoon or evening, depending on the season.

How long do sessions last?
Usually 1-2 hours depending on the location.
What should we wear?
The weather may dictate this somewhat but generally co-ordinate tones but don’t be matching. Avoid tops with logos as they tend to draw the focus. Hats, scarves and jewellery can instantly change up your look. Most importantly, be comfortable.
Where will we go?
It could be a place that’s special to you both such as a forest, beach or urban landscape, or even a pub.
I’m very much inspired by nature and the outdoors so I can make a few suggestions if you’re stuck.
Its a big wide world out there so let your imagination run wild and lets do this!

The Big Day! - Final Preparation Tips

...now time to plan your perfect wedding. I’m here to help and pass on some little gems of useful information which may help.


Your wedding day starts with making the final preparations. Documenting the lead up to the start of a new chapter in your lives together as a couple. I love these moments, filled with emotion and I will document all the details, the dress, the shoes, flowers as well as stationary or any special mementoes you have brought to the day. Once I’ve finished photographing you getting ready, I will then head off to see the groom and capture the details of his preparations. If you are getting ready some distance from each other, I have the option of a second photographer. I usually expect to be with bride for 1-2 hours and the groom 45 mins-1 hour.   GETTING READY TIPS The best shots are usually the ones taken in the best light. Try to avoid a dimly lit room to get ready if at all possible.  I know spray tans are virtually a ‘must’ these days but please don’t over do it, they don’t photograph well, especially beside a not so spray tanned groom! Better still, go without. Consider using pretty hangers for the bridal party dresses as plastic ones don’t look quite as good for those dress shots. Please consider having an ‘unplugged’ wedding. This means that guests are asked to refrain taking photos during  your ceremony. You want your photographer to capture the best images of you and not have a guest with a camera phone or even worse, an iPad stand in front of the photographer that you are paying to capture images of your day. There will be plenty of opportunity for guests to take their snaps after the ceremony. This is your big day, the day all that planning and preparation turns dreams into reality. Today you will spend with your true love and those who love you so relax and enjoy every moment and I’ll be there to capture beautiful images of you doing just that.      

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